Re-Read Reviews – An Introduction


So this is something I have been toying around with for a long time now! After ditching my regular breakdowns of the week’s top comics I have been searching for a way to fill that gap in the site. The result is Re-Read Reviews!

The premise is simple I take a recent comic book storyline/arc, series, event, whatever and give it another read then review it. Simple and devilishly effective! So what I should end up with are a string of posts similar to my popular Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel Collection and DC Comics Classics Reviews but with a focus on more up to date books and arcs.

I will try and keep a steady stream of them coming through but obviously I am waiting on arcs and storylines to wrap up before reviewing them in their entirety. So that means there could come a point were I temporally run out of things to review. If that happens I will delve into my backlog a bit to Re-Read something slightly less current but still decidedly modern.

Anyway I’m going to kick things off with Marvel’s Avengers Vs X-Men!


Re-Read Reviews


Avengers Vs X-Men (Brian Bendis, Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker and Jonathan Hickman with John Romita Jr. Olivier Coipel and Adam Kubert)

I remember as Avengers Vs X-Men came out finding it a really slow, drawn out event. The whole thing is 13 issues in length if you count the zero issue and it felt that a lot of what was happening was just padding. Filling in space until they could get to the big final issue. So I was a tad apprehensive about sitting down and reading it all again from start to finish in a shorter amount of time. Thankfully I am glad to say Avengers Vs X-Men is better the second time around, read in a more focused format. This is mainly down to the basic but brilliant core of the event. The Avengers and X-Men hitting each other!

Marvel is often criticised with having their heroes fighting each other all the time rather than bad guys but hey hero versus hero fights sell and this is as big as they get. This fight however is slightly different. What starts out as an overblown fighting game in a comic book from slowly gives way to a universe shaking everything on the line type deal. An event with little else to it at the start becomes a “nothing will ever be the same” story and at least in this case the fallout is largely positive.

The other thing that really needs mentioning at this point is that this isn’t your usual one big name writer and artist team. This is a who’s who of Marvel’s biggest writers and artists giving us a who’s who of the Marvel Universe. You would think that with five different writers and three artists inconsistency would be the buzz word for the book but each writer’s work flows into the next’s effortlessly and the art is always amazing that it is great to see everyone on the top of their games.

So sit yourself down with a cup of tea and prepare yourself for the biggest fight in Marvel history.

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